Hotel Ideale Varazze | Albergo due stelle vista mare in Liguria

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Estate 2022: contattaci per un preventivo personalizzato. Strepitose offerte per voi! Lo Staff dell'Hotel è a vostra completa disposizione tutti i giorni, contattandoci su Facebook, tramite il nostro sito,, oppure telefonicamente al numero 019 934677. Vi aspettiamo!

Una primavera speciale, con offerte speciali. Dal 1985 al vostro servizio.

La Riviera ligure è bellissima e in primavera regala scorci e clima irripetibili. Passeggiate bellissime, panorami superbi e tutte le comodità a portata di mano. Giornate di relax, con ottimo cibo e tutte le specialità di una Liguria da scoprire a prezzi davvero interessanti! L'Hotel Ideale è pronto ad accogliervi. Come sempre, dal 1895, con calore e cortesia.

Our Hotel

Tradition, welcoming culture and a refreshing sea breeze! Hotel Ideale is one of the most traditional places to vacation in all the Ligurian Riviera. Since 1895 it has been a reference point for hospitality here on the Riviera, right in one of its most delicate pearls: splendid Varazze. Located right in front of the beach, with a long and prestigious tradition: the chance to really live the beauty of the sea and the beach just a few meters away.
The hotel is situated right in the city center and boasts an excellent location for all types of activities. Hotel Ideale has 41 rooms, all recently restructured, with modern services and amenities, with precise and punctual service, guaranteed by the owners, who are quite attentive to quality above all things.
Our staff will ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere, professional with an emphasis on meeting all customer needs. You can’t put a price on the feeling you’ll get upon opening the windows in the morning and being greeted by the blue waters. Special rates and offers all year round. Contact our staff to find out what our offer is this month!

Our Rooms

Solaro Ideale - Hotel Ideale Varazze - Albergo Tre Stelle con Camere Vista Mare In Liguria - Room Solaro Ideale

Room Solaro Ideale

from 59 euro per day; price per person with full pension

Mola Ideale - Hotel Ideale Varazze - Albergo Tre Stelle con Camere Vista Mare In Liguria - Room Mola Ideale

Room Mola Ideale

from 45 euro per day; price per person with full pension

Marina Ideale - Hotel Ideale Varazze - Albergo Tre Stelle con Camere Vista Mare In Liguria - Room Marina Ideale

Room Marina Ideale

from 45 euro per day; price per person with full pension


Hotel Ideale is in Varazze, one of the pearls of the Ligurian Riviera, located in front of the beach, only 10 meters away. In the city center in an excellent central location in the characteristic Solaro area.
With 41 rooms all equipped with modern amenities and recently restructured, with precise and punctual service, guaranteed by the owners. The restaurant offers both international and local cuisine, with special menus for children, vegans and vegetarians.
The hotel offers a restaurant with a beautiful sea view terrace and works with local beaches and tourist centers for special offers in town. Reserved parking available upon request.

Enjoy Life

So many things to do, or so much time for a much-needed relax! Staying at the Hotel Ideale is a unique experience and there is a never-ending list of things to do and visit! Swimming in the sea, relaxing on a beach chair in the sun and enjoying the beach, exploring trails (the famous crôze De Andrè wrote about) just a few meters away that take you up splendid green rolling hills overlooking the sea.
For those who love sports: climbing, bouldering, trials, canyoning, biking, footing and running, paragliding,sports fishing, and skating are just some of the fantastic experiences awaiting you. A world of opportunity, fun and relaxation in the warm sun of the Ligurian Riviera.

The scent of the ligurian “caruggi”, back streets, from focaccia to hot coffee. A city center where the morning is animated hour after hour, the true experiences of those who live here. A short walk, some coffee, a piece of focaccia and other traditional Ligurian treats. Enjoy the incredible kaleidoscope of colors, scents, dialects. An overwhelming experience that you can enjoy up close at the Hotel Ideale, as it is located in the best part of the city center of the town that is the capital of the Beigua Riviera.
Open the hotel windows and enjoy the view of the blue water, recognized with the Bandiera Blu for cleanliness for the past 14 years. With the beach just a few meters away, the hotel has arranged special offers for beach time at local beaches for those who want freedom in the magic coast of the Natural Park and the “European boardwalk.”

Not just the beach