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Varazze: tradition and history

Varazze can boast a bi-millenial history. During Roman times it was noted as “Ad navalia” in that ships were constructed there, part of the famous fleet that dominated the seas. A two thousand year link to the sea, where beaches were always used to make seacraft of all types, up to modern days. The flourishing ship building businesses were source of constant struggles, during medieval times, between the communes of Genova and Savona for control of Varazze. Already Aleramic, from the 12th century it became part of the fiefdom of the Bosco and Ponzone families. It came back to Genoese control after the Peace Treaties of Varazze in 1251 regarding the division between Savonese and Genovese territories. The fief was sold in 1290 by the Malocello family to the Republic of Genova which elevated the town of Varazze to the head of its own podestà.  In 1312 Lanzarotto Molocello, the navigator from Varazze, went beyond the Columns of Hercules and found the Island of Lanzarote, which bears his name, also discovering the Archipelago of Canary Islands. With the fall of the Republic of Genova (1796), on the wave of the French Revolution and right after the first Napoleonic Campaign, Varazze, on 2 december 1797 was returned to the Letimbro Department, in the Ligurian Republic, with the capital in Savona. In 1815 it was encompassed by the Kingdom of Sardegna, as established in the Vienna Congress in 1814,  and then to the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. From 1859 to 1927 the territory was part of the V Magistracy, part of the Genova Province, in 1927 it became part of the newly formed Savona Province. Since 1864 it has retained the denomination of “city.”

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