Hotel Ideale Varazze | Albergo due stelle vista mare in Liguria

Varazze: a thousand colors and traditions

In the “caruggi” (small back streets) of the colored houses daily life is observed: many different types of t shops and stores: walk through the streets, rich with history of a town with so many antique traditions. So many sights to see: Campanin Russu, the bell tower in Roman Gothic style found at the St. Ambrogio church, the ancient medieval walls with Saracen origins, both the S. Caterian and the Villa Cilea churches. Traditional Ligurian life is marked by special religious holidays, especially interesting for those who appreciate local customs. Santa Caterina is celebrated on 30 April with a religious procession, as well as a historical parade and feast day. Also celebrated is the Feast of S. Bartolomeo on 24 August, in the Solero neighborhood, right where the Hotel Ideale is located. Concerts and happenings occur all year long, especially during the summer months. There are some places in the world where origins and traditions wait to be discovered; Varazze is one of these. To know Varazze today means immersing oneself in the history of a charming medieval town, enjoying its beach, its sea, its views and trails that make it perfect for visiting during any season.

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